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I am a former moderate Republican who was forced out of the GOP because I didn't want to be so partisan. I wanted to work together as Americans instead of working only for the party. I can disagree with someone's views, but not hate them or say vile things about them. I am ashamed of how my former party has become hateful and the party of no and they are people on the left with partisan only ways too. They have some good ideas, but you have to try to work with others to get things done.

For this country to be great again, we need to work together and stop hating the other side just because they have a different view point. We have to stop calling the President of the United States vile things and respect him, or at the very least the office he holds, since he was elected by the American people and he deserves our support as Americans.

We also have to stop allowing our jobs to be outsourced until we have no jobs left. Yes money is good and profit is good, but when is there enough profit and enough money.

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